Thursday, July 3, 2008

Velkomin Til Islands!

A Vikings tale...
They came from over seas...
We arrived by ferry, making a 2 day journey from Bergen, Norway and spending a day in the Faroe Islands.

My first impression of Iceland was intriguing.

The roofs were BLUE!

The lands contoured and mysterious;

and frozen.

Alluring in an unexplicable way!
A perfect environment for Trolls!

Where land can swallow itself up

or spray paint itself in brilliant colors!

Dare to brave the 28 kilometers of unpaved road to Dettifoss, the most powerful waterfall in Europe and you will be rewarded!

This place is in the middle of a desert!!

Some of the people were whalers in the past,

leaving safe havens, like Husavik, in small boats.

Today, "modern"Vikings take to the seas in even smaller vessels, kayaks, originally from Greenland, partaking in festivals of a sort which are called "symposiums."

(Faroese row boat on the beach too!)

They can be a great place to learn, and to meet folks with similar interests. We were invited to attend the Eric The Red Symposium in Neskaupssadur by Steini Sigurlaugsson, from Eglisstadir.
(Steini, Ari and Nigel)
Ari's Parents hosted us in Neskaupssadur.

At this event, I took part in a helicopter rescue.
Though slightly apprehensive, I reminded myself that, "these are professionals."
The view from above was unbeatable!

It is very windy underneath one of these things and actually, it can be easier to perform a rescue in windy conditions when the helicopter can counter forces against the wind.

There were classes for people of all ages and abilities, which could have gone on all night.

The sun is out for 24 hours a day at this time of year!
And we took advantage of as many of them as possible!

We really had a splendid time in Iceland


mary jane said...

Sensational photo essay dear! So what about that felt appliqué, where is that from? (naturally I must ask a needlework question)

Richard at Point 65 said...

Hey, I was waiting for you coming down that Dettifoss, waterfall in a kayak...