Thursday, June 26, 2008

Voga Longa

Our travels evolved from a three legged trip into a spider, an octopus and then this truely amazing, many limbed creature.

I am only the eyes!

Here is one of the appendages!
This was our first trip to Venice, and what a way to see it!
The Bridge of Sighs!
We participated in The Voga Longa, a non-competetive race that was more like a pageant then anything else.
Here is the "We", Jenn Cleck, Giorgio Sartori, Nigel Foster, Kristin Nelson, before the race.
There were boats from all over, Switzerland, France and Germany, as well as rowers and paddlers from different regions of Italy, wearing traditional dress.

The "wine boat", sponsored by a local vineyard.
Yellow gondola meets rowing scull.

The course took us out to Burano, the lace making island and through Murano, the glass making center.
Coffee break on Burano.
Finally, we entered the Grand Canale and made it to the finish at San Marco.

Dragon boat drummer giving a pulse to the last kilometers.
The cafes were all packed and people poured over their balconies to watch and cheer on the racers as they neared the finish.
Bottle neck as we re-enter the canal.

The day was spectacular!!
You can join us next year, if you like!