Thursday, August 7, 2008

En Route to Scandinavia

This time Nigel had an idea. We would spend the day in Amsterdam before heading on to Sweden. I was excited!
Though we are always passing through the airport, it was my first time in the city.

We ambled through narrow lanes and along canals, slowly making our way to the Van Gough Museum. What a treat! Though crowded, we were in no rush, so just inched along with the masses and soaked in the multitudes of rich images.
Morning light filtered through trees, casting dappled patterns on the water.
The city was summery and colorful. As we strolled, we were mindful of the multitudes of cyclists zipping to work One must be on the alert, always!
Little things are different in Holland! I enjoyed stopping to watch canal traffic, imagining having a boat instead of a car, and speculating how one would get in and out of ones car when parking with the driver's side opening on to the canal!
After walking and the museum, we were knackered!
We fell asleep on a bench, on the train on the way back to the airport, and in the airport.
Fortunately we made our flight!
While in Sweden, Nigel and I will be doing a photo shoot with Point 65,
followed by some casual paddling with our friends Britta and Roland in the Archipelago. Afterwards, we will meet a group of Stockholm paddlers and continue on for an instructional tour.
Then we move to the West Coast, meeting up with Thomas at Orust Kajak for 2 tours and a weekend symposium.

What happens next? Lots of fun with Nicolai at Nicus Nature in Denmark.
We are hoping to meet up with my brother, Eric and his daughter, Ella, while there. Nigel and I will be traveling for 2 months this time, checking e mail and hoping to post on our blogs. Don't forget to check Nigel's web site for dates and more info on classes!