Friday, October 31, 2008

Visual Tour

Travel by trike at Howard House, a gallery on 2nd Ave in Seattle;
Take Lauren Grossman's lead. Explore cities, precarious;
Portending our future?
Mountains cast of heavy language
speak words of the prophet, Issiah,
cast shadows,
and doubt, yet shed light.
So intriguing because they seem to tell us something!
But what are they saying?
Let them mystify... There is beauty to be found in the materials, industrial,
and the mechanics are oh, so pleasing!!
Here is a show where you can touch, if you like, think too, if you dare!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Felt Hat

While suffering from a creative itch in Denmark, I was spurred on to begin this felting project.
It was knitted in Denmark, Nuremberg, Sweden and Seattle.

The over sized result did not shrink as much as I had expected. Washing machines are hotter and more vigorous in Denmark, where I washed my sample. So, surgery was necessary.

I just cut the darn thing down to size and stitched it back together using a blanket stitch!
It is extremely cosy!
Perfect for donning in the evening while reading or daytime buzzing about the town!
Truth be told, my friend, Mary Jane, Knitter Superior, and lovely Veida, who was busy knitting and felting in Svendborg, have been very inspiring!
I think that knitting makes a great traveling project!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to "Work"!

At last! It feels wonderful to be back in the studio and working in clay again!
"Fancy", Seattle's very stylish jewelry store, has just ordered these rings.
And, the glazing room is filling up with mysterious pink dishes. Actually, that's just the color of the clear, final glaze.

But, let me digress! There was one little detour before I could really get back to work...
No sooner had we landed, after 2 months in Scandinavia, Nigel and I were setting out to the airport again for a red eye flight. This time, our final destination was Utica NY! Nigel was to be inducted into the International Kayaking Hall of Fame, which also includes Rowing, Canoeing and Cycling.
The ceremony, at the Childrens' Museum , was a special experience for both of us.
But, there was also opportunity to explore the Erie canal,
to drive along the Mohawk River;
To marvel at the Autumn foliage in the Adirondacks Mountains!

Then, it was really "back to the studio, again!"
This time of year I am primarily working on orders for Christmas. If all goes a planned, some of the dishes I am making will be used for Thanksgiving dinner!
"greenware", waiting to be painted with under glaze and decorated.
My head is bursting with new ideas!

So many items I would like to create! and myriad color combinations that I am lusting to use!
I have been stimulated and there are not enough hours in the day to realize everything!
...Stay tuned for final results!
And, visit The Kri Kri Web Store to see what's ready now!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Wind Power

The wind blows quite strongly over the relatively flat country of Denmark, and the Danes have a history of harvesting this energy.
Denmark supplies both technology and know how for wind generating energy throughout the world .
On the west coast of Denmark, in the region of Thy, one can find the village of Klitmoller.
Frequently buffeted by strong winds blowing off the North sea,
it is paradise to wind, kite and board surfers
as well as to those hoping to catch some waves in kayaks.
Thy has 70% of its electricity generated by approximately 230 wind mills.
Additionally, heat for homes is supplied by burning waste, geothermal heat and from burning straw.
We passed 2 modern windmill factories during our travels, and marveled at the insides of the long pipes that support them!

In 1996, Thy became the world's leading producer in the field of windmill operations.
Today, the Island of Samso is completely energy sufficient and actually exports energy! Asked if bothered by the ubiquitous windmills, the Danes I inquired responded that the windmills had a positive presence.
They are making clean energy for Denmarkand inspire hope for more sustainable energy in the future!