Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiny bowls

I love colors,
... and bowls,
lots of small ones, in many colors.
olive pits,
wasabe peas,
ice cream,
a broken necklace...

What would you use them for?
Which color is your favorite?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Annual Studio Sale

Kri Kri studio sale 2007 was a lovely success!

It is always positive when sales are good, but the best part of it has to be the positive energy that my customers give back to me! Most of the time I am working by myself, listening to the radio, my music or quietly producing with my own thoughts whirring about between my ears. Watching folks pick up things, examining and admiring them, comparing, and trying to decide which color or which item they will purchase is delightful, and interesting. So often I am selecting pieces to send out in an order and must do the same thing myself. It isn't easy. I often long for a second opinion. My sympathy goes out to the indecisive! The best made choices are intuitive and from the heart!

Many of the shoppers are people that I see only once a year. But what a glad reunion it is! Perhaps they were sent once by a friend, or a friend of a friend so I really don't "know" them, but over the years I have come to recognize their faces and to put faces to names on the mailing list. All these people, young and old make the pilgrimage to the studio, bringing enthusiasm and a little optimism that they will find a "treasure" or the perfect gift for someone special.

It is such a positive way for me to wrap up my business year and an unbeatable way to get happy for the holiday season!

My thanks to everyone who came by!