Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jumbo Fun

The Jumbo Hostel at Stockholm's Arlanda airport is an
uplifting option if you are arriving in the evening and have a very early morning connection to make.

It's not worth the time or money to even go into Stockholm, let alone book into a hotel.
In June, Nigel and I were on our way home to Seattle, back tracking our itinerary from Stockholm to Amsterdam; Amsterdam to Venice; Venice to Stockholm; Stockholm to Amsterdam to Seattle! When I read that the "Jumbo Hostel" was newly opened, I jumped at the opportunity to miss a night sleeping in the airport!
Just outside of the front desk is this pleasant patio.
A spiral staircase will lead one to the lounge upstairs,
where I fantasize about a jet setting life.
Need relief? Just down the hall is row of toilets, each with a shower. There is a place to wash and iron clothes, as well as Internet access.
The hostel is a real 747 transformed! It is quite impressive how spacious the inside is with all the center isles removed.
We were delighted by how cozy an airplane could be! Baggage goes in the overhead bins, of course.

It was great fun to explore and poke around the entire plane.
Imagine spending a night in this bed!
Breakfast in the cafe was not much better than what is served on an active plane.
But the pure playfulness of this one night experience left us refreshed and relaxed!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Swedish Way

Over water, to Sweden once again.
Where watery places await discovery.
Some of the inhabitants dried up long ago.

Washing machine inards, once wet with laundry, rested after finding new employment as lobster traps.
elegant relics from other ages lingered on.
We relax in our hotel room.
And fulfil our dreams window shopping in Stockholm.
A cozy spot for one.
Another finds a place closer to the action.
Then, it's off to the forest. Where golden treasure awaits.
The prize bounty!

Wandering the streets once more,
wondering what might linger beyond that curve in the road.
A pastry shop?
Make that a double cappucino please.
But linger not too long. Got to be moving on.