Tuesday, January 29, 2008

snow paddle

I really have been getting a lot done in the studio...

however, Saturday Kristin, Nigel and Joel met Monica and Jay at Marblemount Wa. to be swept down the mighty Skagit River amongst snow flurries and lurching eagles.

The river is our state's second largest, I've been told by local knowledge", Joel Rogers, and flows at approximately 8 miles per hour.

Known as a bald eagle hangout when the salmon are running, we did not anticipate seeing many this day as the run was finished. In fact, we saw approximately 40 of the great birds sitting vulture like in barren trees, staring at the river, now devoid of fish!

Paddling an open canoe, Nigel probably got the chilliest of us all, gleefully sliding back and forth across the current. I plucked up my courage and paddled the Rumour with my storm paddle. Well, it was a small storm... and was pleasantly delighted by the control it provided me with, not unlike a canoe paddle, really!

Monica was in a state of bliss, being in her kayak again and on a river once again!

I think that made Jay happy, because he was smiling a lot too!
It didn't take long to wisk along the 19 miles to the take out. And once off the water, we hurried to get out of the wet and be on our ways again.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ice Rink

It has been the most beautiful type of winter weather here lately, frosty and sunny. Nigel and I have been paddling on Green Lake almost every morning. Tuesday we discovered ice near the center! It was magical! Paddling up to the edge caused it to shiver and make the most delicate creaking sounds. Breaking through the thin crust was a lovely sensation, to begin with. Then, as the crust thickened the experience was a little unnerving! The kayak glided up on the ice and the paddle slid underneath. I felt quite an insecure.
Well, we're giving it another go today!
have a good one!

Monday, January 21, 2008

vase and flowers

Last week Nigel and I had a dinner party. I made black bean soup from "The Greens" cookbook, The Greens is a restaurant in San Francisco, famous for its vegetarian cuisine. I also made a pear-apple tart with tart pastry from the same cook book. Grant said was the best tart he had ever had. Well, true or not, it was tasty, and his compliments made me feel great! The soup was served in Kri Kri cereal bowls, which are ideal if you have a large group, a small house and not a lot of room for large plates! No photos of the beautiful table this time though. Nigel, however, had filled our Trumpet vase with tulips and I did manage to get a photo of them.

I am vowing to take more photos of table settings this year and, I think it would be WONDERFUL to see photos of other people's table settings using Kri Kri or VIT. If you want to send a photo to me at krikristudio@aol.com, I would be ever so happy!

Maybe I could even do a posting with those pictures!