Saturday, February 16, 2008

soup time

Yum! Cold outside, warm inside.

Almost everyday that I work in the studio, I settle down to a bowl of hot, Asian style soup around the lunching hour of noon.

If I'm lucky, I get to have it at home too, when I'm working there.

However, the studio has all my supplies:

Dried black fungus and

shitake mushrooms,

rice noodles,

carrots always, among other vegetables

such as spinach or baby bok choy,

Chinese broccoli, ginger, and

Tom yum paste, in a jar...

The water gets a head start on boiling in the electric kettle while I finish up tasks.

The soup itself is cooking only about 7 minutes!

It warms with heat and spice!

My favorite read at lunch time is The New Yorker magazine.

Then, back to work...