Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiny bowls

I love colors,
... and bowls,
lots of small ones, in many colors.
olive pits,
wasabe peas,
ice cream,
a broken necklace...

What would you use them for?
Which color is your favorite?


Mary Jane said...

Awesome. I am so mad that I was too dim and slow to announce your sale on my blog.Not that anyone reads it!Love YOU!

David said...

Welcome to the blogsphere! Your photos remind me of... my cupboards! KriKri brings a smile to my face every time that I use it... which is every day!

Coffee tastes better with KriKri!

kay said...

Guma! i really like your page and all of the photos of your trips, especially the animals. I also love the tiny color bowls.