Friday, October 24, 2008

Felt Hat

While suffering from a creative itch in Denmark, I was spurred on to begin this felting project.
It was knitted in Denmark, Nuremberg, Sweden and Seattle.

The over sized result did not shrink as much as I had expected. Washing machines are hotter and more vigorous in Denmark, where I washed my sample. So, surgery was necessary.

I just cut the darn thing down to size and stitched it back together using a blanket stitch!
It is extremely cosy!
Perfect for donning in the evening while reading or daytime buzzing about the town!
Truth be told, my friend, Mary Jane, Knitter Superior, and lovely Veida, who was busy knitting and felting in Svendborg, have been very inspiring!
I think that knitting makes a great traveling project!


nigel said...

looks great! A much better fit than before!

nanowire1 said...

It reminds me of a felt cuddly that my son Aidan received as a gift when he was born....11 years ago! Still has it.