Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to "Work"!

At last! It feels wonderful to be back in the studio and working in clay again!
"Fancy", Seattle's very stylish jewelry store, has just ordered these rings.
And, the glazing room is filling up with mysterious pink dishes. Actually, that's just the color of the clear, final glaze.

But, let me digress! There was one little detour before I could really get back to work...
No sooner had we landed, after 2 months in Scandinavia, Nigel and I were setting out to the airport again for a red eye flight. This time, our final destination was Utica NY! Nigel was to be inducted into the International Kayaking Hall of Fame, which also includes Rowing, Canoeing and Cycling.
The ceremony, at the Childrens' Museum , was a special experience for both of us.
But, there was also opportunity to explore the Erie canal,
to drive along the Mohawk River;
To marvel at the Autumn foliage in the Adirondacks Mountains!

Then, it was really "back to the studio, again!"
This time of year I am primarily working on orders for Christmas. If all goes a planned, some of the dishes I am making will be used for Thanksgiving dinner!
"greenware", waiting to be painted with under glaze and decorated.
My head is bursting with new ideas!

So many items I would like to create! and myriad color combinations that I am lusting to use!
I have been stimulated and there are not enough hours in the day to realize everything!
...Stay tuned for final results!
And, visit The Kri Kri Web Store to see what's ready now!

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karen lykke jacobsen, dk said...

Hi Kristin,

So you knitted the hat.........good on you!
Hope it came out well after the felting.
I'm knitting 6 pairs of small woolen mittens for my three grandchildren.
Slowly preparing for my 4 months stay in New Zealand.
Got a new studio there with a friend and am keen to work a lot on my paintings and bronze sculptures.
Hope to initiate a small pod to paddle the coast of Banks Peninsula.
Though very friendly waves, great days at Klitmøller and so fine photos from my country.

I wish you a good winter with lots of seem to be full on already!
Best wishes for both you and Nigel
from Karen Lykke, DK